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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  July 20, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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to watch candy crowley's interview with secretary of state john kerry. the two will cover the conflict in the middle east and of course the crash of mh17 in ukraine. >> "inside politics" with john king starts right now. have a good day. president obama faces another major global challenge, a plane shot out of the sky over ukraine. >> we want russia to take the path that would result in peace in ukraine, but so far, at least, russia has failed to take that path. plus israeli troops on the offensive in gaza. what world crises means for the president's agenda. chris christie storms iowa. >> i'll be back here, back here a lot. >> elizabeth warren hears chants
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of "run, liz, run." >> corporations are not people. women have a right to their bodies. we will overturn hobby lobby and we will feig for it. >> reporter: "inside politics," the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters, now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your sunday morning and with us to share their reporting and their insights, the atlantic's molly ball, jonathan martin of the "new york times," cnn's peter hamby and maggie haberman of politico. the president called for an urgent international investigation into the malaysian flight 17 shootdown over ukraine. president obama had president putin in mind as he said this. >> this should snap everybody's heads to attention, and make sure that we don't have time for propaganda. we don't have time for games. we need to know exactly what happened and everybody needs to make sure that we're holding
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accountable those who committed this outrage. >> in their second terms presidents often dabble in foreign policy by choice, maggie haberman. these seem to be knocking at the president's door. what is the test for the u.s. president, he's plenty busy as he is, in a staredown with vladimir putin over the ukraine and now the plane. >> he announced new sanctions right before this happens, that underscores where the u.s. is on this. his problem is going to be he has two crises going on. on the one hand you see what's happening in gaza, very directly related in terms of the u.s. and aid. you have congress standing firm on that. in terms of ukraine there's not going to be unanimity of opinion on what to do. there's been a lot of criticism of the president how he has gone about this and if there's no easy answer here, a lot of it falls on what is done by putin and what happens in russia. it's very complicated for him politically right now. >> that's in addition to iraq,
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syria, afghanistan. >> yes. >> and just this accumulation, bergdahl, of international events that are unpopular, frightening to the american public and have really taken an enormous toll on what used to be one of his strengths, which is foreign policy. that helped carry him through 2012 and his foreign policy approval is in the mid-30s >> it's coming at a moment where public is extremely not interested in increasing the u.s.' reach elsewhere. it is a difficult line for him to watch. >> public not interested in increasing reach involving military or big spending. >> if you include the border situation and add in reassertive china and japan reconstituting its military for the first time really since world war ii, this president is dealing with serious international if not crises, at least events in every corner of the globe. you combine that with a deeply polarized and divided congress, it's hard to see how he's going to be able to proactively get
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much done for at least the rest of this year and we'll see what happens after the midterm elections but it's going to be a grim year i think. >> it's a very reactive presidency on the world stage, not setting agendas, not the pivot to asia they promised, a new middle east. seems to be reacting to events. what is the impact in washington? john mccain was at a cnn national journal event this past year. he says because of this, and this always gets me, why can't they walk and chew gum. you have a president and entire cabinet, you have 535 member of congress. you have armed services and foreign affairs committee that look at world crises. aren't there other committees willing to do other things. because of the focus on the plane crash he doesn't think washington can get anything else done. >> it's going to suck all the oxygen out of the room, now that issue on the border is still with us for quite a while but right now, i can't imagine anything else entreating on this. can you? >> why?
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why can't we do one thing at a time, even if it's a big thing. >> this is the problem for republicans. it gives a lot of ammunition to the president's critics, always said he is too reactive and not aggressive enough, doesn't have enough of a vision on the world stage. on the other hand, you know, this makes it seem like congress will take any excuse to not do their job, right? oh, well, we're busy, and there's not a very proactive feeling from the critics of the president and furthermore, since this has been the critique of the president no matter what he did on any occasion with any particular crisis, whether it was or wasn't his fault, there may be a feeling the critics cried wolf and this is another occasion to reprise that. >> the quick reaction in washington when it comes to the republicans in 2016 this could hurt rand paul he's less interventionist, more stay out
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of these things. you point to public opinion before the plane was shot down the president was facing criticism for the 2016 republican class including mark yo rubio to w.h.o. said when the president announced more sanctions against russia, limited actions like those announced today make u.s. threats look hollow. is it smart for the future presidents in the republican parties, the wannabes to jump in the middle. how risky is that? >> it is always dangerous to jump in, in something changing this way and the nature of what happened in ukraine with the plane is so incredibly painful and dramatic. lot of the details and eyewitness accounts are horrible, a lot of children involved, over 100 people headed to a global aids conference, solving a crisis, another humanitarian crisis. i think there say danger. i understand that people have a need to look either muscular on foreign policy for their own politics. you have to be careful. >> in the old days one president at a time.
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up next, chris christie tests the comeback trail in iowa and we map out the political divide by the border cries. hillary clinton tests john stewart's patience with a hard choice. >> there are extremists on all sides and people with guns on all sides. leadership has to be tough-minded and very strong, but they have to have enough support to make the hard choices. >> what? you did not do that. what? wow. honestly. that may be, let me go to the junlz on that. that may be the greatest segue in the history, back to, that may be the greatest segue back to a tightle. thank god you go to hard choices and not tough ideas. hat dream... where you're the hero? hey... you guys mind warming this fella up for me?
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welcome back to the political debate over the border crisis spread beyond washington as the state and local governments have to decide whether they want to provide temporary shelter to tens of thousands of undocumented children who have come across the border. 60,000 is the safe number to use. the number could rise in the coming weeks and months. number of governors this past week said not in my backyard, they include the republican governor of iowa and democratic governor of colorado, of connecticut and of delaware, all saying i don't want to deal with this, please, don't send any of these kids to my state. number of politicians say i'll look at it. the ma ior of los angeles, democrat, the governor of vermont, the governor of massachusetts and the governor of new jersey, republican chris
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christie. most interesting is the democratic governor of maryland, martin o'malley. week or so he got to the left of president obama who said send most of them back. he said why wouldn't the united states of america welcome the children here. his state said please don't accepted them here. our graffiti artist needs a spell check, there was governor o'malley on the record saying don't send them back. he has to answer where they might put them inside maryland. democrating governor running for president in 20 16 to succeed barack obama as the leader of the party seems to think a fight with the white house over this is not a bad idea. have we reached the point where democrats think it's not only okay but maybe beneficial? >> on this issue, yes. i wouldn't shea that broadly but on this issue if you watch not just martin o'malley but speaker, sorry, leader nancy pelosi, former speaker nancy pelosi came down on the issue, she shifted back to her
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caucus. it's clear how the wind is blowing with democrats, governor patrick as you mentioned, from massachusetts. i think for o'malley it was a safe play. it would have gotten more attention except for it was a big news week. the white house apparently leaked a phone call. >> apparently? come on. >> where did that come about? >> between governor o'malley and a white house staffer, you don't see that. for o'malley is got him on page one of "the washington post," the "baltimore sun." >> those who spent time covering republican infighting it was interesting. most people still have no idea who martin o'malley but now he's on the front page and we're talking about. >> attacking hillary clinton is going to involve attacking the white house if you are trying to get to the left she said at a cnn town hall send them back. that was the line she was talking about, at the a moment
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where it had not bubbled up in the news, the border crisis, the way it is now. i think that is an important takeaway. i also think the fact that the white house apparently leaked this out, that the fact -- it >> allegedly. >> allegedly, so did perhaps, are suspected. the fact that happened is remarkable in terms of just sort of tactical knife fighting by a white house against another democrat by a very busy white house. >> the decision made to nurmg guy ba punch this guy back? >> it is a lesson for o'malley, this is a welcome to the thunder dome moment. if you're going with the white house that frontally and be righteous about it, then the attack was unfair because it was nuanced in terms of what he was saying about that facility but all is fair in love and war. >> in a democratic primary better to come down on the left side of that. >> i agree with that and everything that you said. >> it's the first phone call not
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leaked by edward snowden in months. if it's a lesson to martin o'malley, is it a lesson to the obama white house? o'malley goes left, nancy pelosi, who said last week it's not a deal breaker if you change the 2008 law which allows to you send the kids back faster. she says the president wants to do that. is it a lesson he may be beginning to experience what george w. bush wanted to experience in the last couple years, wanted to do social security and not only did his party say no they picked fights. republican started to think it was a good thing to fight their president. >> the politics of immigration overall have been scrambled by what has happened and you're seeing with all of the democrats who are running away from this issue how an issue that democrats have run on very aggressively for years and years, and some would say exploited in order to win hispanic votes is now being turned against them now that public opinion has swung very strongly in the other direction and public outrage, public attention to this issue has increased dramatically. i think o'malley has done
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something very sort of opportunistic and smart in terms of filling a vacuum. lot of activists on the left, a lot of democratic partisans have a lot of angst about the fact that no one is speaking for these undocumented children, that you have a lot of people on the right taking the position that they ought to either be barred or sent home right away but not a lot of prominent voices on the left speaking up and saying that we ought to be more welcoming to them. so he has a chance to champion an issue that not a lot of other democrats are championing. >> as we watch that play out of the democratic party, chris christie tried to hit the comeback trial in the republican party, bridgegate, whether his own personal philosophy and ideology would be an obstacle seeking the republican nomination. he was in iowa, accessible to the news media. it is a state with a conservative christian base, can chris christie sell himself? he says it won't be a problem.
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>> i tell them what i think and everyone else gets to decide. they don't go in there and say if you conservative or liberal enough or moderate enough. they say do i trust him. can i count on him to tell me the truth? is he somebody who can actually be a competent steward of our country's future? >> i think maggie, that's a pretty good general election synopsis how voters think. is it a good synopsis how the base in iowa and south carolina thinks? >> no, as i was listening to him, some people think that and some people also think are you conservative enough. this was an important trip for christie, it got a on it of media attention, the first one he is stepping back out there beyond in his rga role but he's been to new hampshire before this year, but this was the one that got a lot of attention, and i think it was important because there say feeling that bridgegate has sort of receded, the traffic lane closure scandal. >> we tend to judge campaigns by the last one. in this case it might not
5:49 am
necessarily be the right thing to do. look, if there's five, six republicans in a field, if christie polls 25%, 30% and one or two in iowa, that's good. also remember the brand set people, the establishment have retaken the republican architecture in that state. there could be some momentum for someone like chris christie and he was in the part of the state in the quad cities where there are a lot of blue collar, romney territory. >> the eastern part of iowa. >> sioux city. >> that's exactly right. >> tells you he studied the map. >> what's to say chris christie plays aggressively in iowa. keep in mind john mccain got the nomination in 2009 and barely in iowa. i'm not convinced christie or some establishments on the republican side will aggressively compete. >> let me stop you guys and try this quickly on the democratic side. elizabeth warren was busy this week. hillary clinton did an interview with charlie rose. she asked hillary clinton, if you run for president what will
5:50 am
be the big idea? she mentions income and equality. listen to how she says it. >> we have to make a campaign about what we would do. you have to run a very specific campaign that talks about the changes you want to make in order to tackle growth, which is the hand maiden of inequality. >> you got that? growth is the handmaiden of inequality. that's one way to talk about it. here's another. >> the way i see this, citibank, goldman sachs, and all those other guys on wall street, they've got plenty of folks in the united states senate who are willing to work on their side. we need some more people willing to work on the side of america's families. >> now she says she's not running, but hillary clinton was at a desk, not at a rally but she could learn a little bit, couldn't she? >> hillary is talking about the notions how she might run a campaign and how you have to talk about inequality.
5:51 am
elizabeth warren is doing it right now. i was at that speech in west virginia earlier this week. she didn't use the term income and equality once in that speech. she just talked about the issues that people in the room cared about. >> democrats have basically given up using the phrase using income inequality. poll after poll shows voters don't know what that means. >> it was a very middle class common sense way, your student loans, your medicare, social security, them versus us and played well. >> you could hear any republican in this country say that the way to cure income inequality is growth. we have to grow collectively and rising tide lifts all boats, all the cliches. that is a staple what have they say and you have this with warren naming names, rattling off the names of wall street banks, happen to be big clinton donors for the last few decades. >> more than donors at this
5:52 am
point. >> the other interesting thing about elizabeth warren though is the republicans have not managed to demonize her the way they'd like and that's part of why she is playing in places like kentucky and west virginia. you saw republicans talking tough about oh we're going to tie these candidates to elizabeth warren and it will sink them, this massachusetts liberal. it isn't and republicans haven't been able to bracket her aggressively in that way because that populist us versus them rhetoric, it is really resonating at this moment in america. >> i filed a story and got many e-mails from republicans "she actually scares me politically." >> she's not running in 2016, just helping the party for now. tomorrow's news today, our great reporters empty their notebooks and get you out ahead with the big political stories to come. [ both ] we checked into our hotel in paris,
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around the table to get you out ahead of the curve. maggie haberman? >>elle gillespie running for senate in virginia he was outraised by scott brown, running in new hampshire. this caught the eye of a couple of republican operatives who i heard of, and donors i heard of. democrats were expecting him to have a better quarter. he has good cash on hand but the fact that he got 1.9 and scott brown got 2.34, 2.35 million was not lost on some folks. >> peter? >> i want to plug a story this week on about the u.s. chamber of commerce which has put itself on the front lines of smashing tea party insurgents across the country in house and senate races could spend up to $60 million, $70 million this cycle. that might not be new but the chamber of commerce moved away
5:58 am
from being just a lobbying organization in d.c. to being one of the most political players in campaigns rivaling american crossroads. >> we'll keep an eye on that one. former bob dole campaign manager scott reed behind a lot of the decisions. jonathan? >> virginia is next door to washington, d.c., and it's going to be drawing two potential candidates for president this month on tuesday, rand paul is going to be in arlington, sitting down with two candidates who ran in virginia last year, pete snyder and ken cuccinelli, both lost their campaigns, business owners and later in the month, very interesting, mike penth, the governor of indiana, is going to be raising money for ed gillespie at a fund-raiser in mclean at dwight starr, one of the big bundlers for george w. bush's campaigns. >> virginia great national political state now. molly? >> the runoff in the georgia
5:59 am
republican primary is finally happening on tuesday, it's been a couple months since the first round. this is the second round between congressman jack kingston and david perdue. kingston is up in the runoff and if he wins the runoff, it will be another victory for the chamber of commerce which has backed kingston very aggressively and with either candidate the establishment feels like they will have a pretty good spokesperson going into what looks like a very tough general election against democrat michelle nunn. >> they have a good recruit, still a close race. how would you like to have $1 million a day extra for a special project? there are 107 days from now, this sunday to election day and i'm told that shell don adelson, the big casino owner, meeting with republican strategists, they've shown him the senate map, briefed him on the candidates. they've showed him all the polling and he says he wants to make a huge commitment to help republicans take back the senate, a commitment that could
6:00 am
be one source in the meeting tells me up to $100 million. we'll keep an eye on that one as we go forward. >> wow. >> that's it for "inside politics." thanks for sharing your sunday morning. we'll see you soon. "state of the union with candy crowley" starts right now. as international teams try to recover the dead and protect the evidence, personal tragedy and global consequences unfold on the ground in eye war zone. the downing of malaysia airline flight 17. today, the u.s. secretary of state. >> we know for certain that the separatists have a proficiency that they've gained by training from russians. >> john kerry with the latest intelligence information, and whether he trusts anything vladimir putin has to say. and -- >> this war can be ended. russia can end this war. russia must end this war. >> analyzing the chilliest u.s./russian relationship since


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